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The Role of Philanthropy in Regional Economic Development: The Donor View
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The terms are not used very consistently by art historians, as Angela Marisol Roberts points out, [1] and may also be used for smaller religious subjects that were probably made to be retained by the commissioner rather than donated to a church. Donor portraits are very common in religious works of art, especially paintings, of the Middle Ages and Renaissance , the donor usually shown kneeling to one side, in the foreground of the image.

Often, even late into the Renaissance, the donor portraits, especially when of a whole family, will be at a much smaller scale than the principal figures, in defiance of linear perspective.

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By the midth century donors began to be shown integrated into the main scene, as bystanders and even participants. The purpose of donor portraits was to memorialize the donor and his family, and especially to solicit prayers for them after their death.

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Displaying portraits in a public place was also an expression of social status; donor portraits overlapped with tomb monuments in churches, the other main way of achieving these ends, although donor portraits had the advantage that the donor could see them displayed in his own lifetime. Furthermore, donor portraits in Early Netherlandish painting suggest that their additional purpose was to serve as role models for the praying beholder during his own emotional meditation and prayer — not in order to be imitated as ideal persons like the painted Saints but to serve as a mirror for the recipient to reflect on himself and his sinful status, ideally leading him to a knowledge of himself and God.

This process may be intensified if the praying beholder is the donor himself.

When a whole building was financed, a sculpture of the patron might be included on the facade or elsewhere in the building. Jan van Eyck 's Rolin Madonna is a small painting where the donor Nicolas Rolin shares the painting space equally with the Madonna and Child, but Rolin had given great sums to his parish church, where it was hung, which is represented by the church above his praying hands in the townscape behind him. Sometimes, as in the Ghent Altarpiece , the donors were shown on the closed view of an altarpiece with movable wings, or on both the side panels, as in the Portinari Altarpiece and the Memlings above, or just on one side, as in the Merode Altarpiece.

If they are on different sides, the males are normally on the left for the viewer, the honorific right-hand placement within the picture space. In family groups the figures are usually divided by gender. Groups of members of confraternities, sometimes with their wives, are also found. At least in Northern Italy, as well as the grand altarpieces and frescos by leading masters that attract most art-historical attention, there was a more numerous group of small frescoes with a single saint and donor on side-walls, that were liable to be re-painted as soon as the number of candles lit before them fell off, or a wealthy donor needed the space for a large fresco-cycle, as portrayed in a 15th-century tale from Italy: [9].

And going around with the master mason, examining which figures to leave and which to destroy, the priest spotted a Saint Anthony and said: 'Save this one.

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Donor portraits have a continuous history from late antiquity , and the portrait in the 6th-century manuscript the Vienna Dioscurides may well reflect a long-established classical tradition, just as the author portraits found in the same manuscript are believed to do. A painting in the Catacombs of Commodilla of shows a throned Virgin and Child flanked by two saints, with Turtura, a female donor, in front of the left hand saint, who has his hand on her shoulder; very similar compositions were being produced a millennium later.

Although none have survived, there is literary evidence of donor portraits in small chapels from the Early Christian period, [11] probably continuing the traditions of pagan temples. The 6th-century mosaic panels in the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna of the Emperor Justinian I and Empress Theodora with courtiers are not of the type showing the ruler receiving divine approval, but each show one of the imperial couple standing confidently with a group of attendants, looking out at the viewer. Their scale and composition are alone among large-scale survivals. In the Early Middle Ages , a group of mosaic portraits in Rome of Popes who had commissioned the building or rebuilding of the churches containing them show standing figures holding models of the building, usually among a group of saints. Gradually these traditions worked their way down the social scale, especially in illuminated manuscripts , where they are often owner portraits, as the manuscripts were retained for use by the person commissioning them.

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For example, a chapel at Mals in South Tyrol has two fresco donor figures from before , one lay and the other of a tonsured cleric holding a model building. Donor portraits of noblemen and wealthy businessmen were becoming common in commissions by the 15th century, at the same time as the panel portrait was beginning to be commissioned by this class - though there are perhaps more donor portraits in larger works from churches surviving from before than panel portraits.

We have case managers assigned to each region, who are familiar with local egg donors, doctors, and other resources you will need during the egg donation process. We also have a registered nurse RN on staff, enabling us to effectively identify excellent candidates for intended parents.

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This wonderful process and those who choose to take part in it are directly responsible for countless success stories. In this blog post connected to the Commission on the Donor Experience Project 3, Charlie Hulme sets out two facts that could be the difference between the fundraising sector prospering or disappearing altogether. A truly inspirational case study celebrating the incredible work of Merchants Quay Ireland's fantastic fundraising team who transformed the fortunes of this small charity, multiplying its revenue more than tenfold, providing essential assistance to the homeless of Ireland along the way.

This is that list.

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Wolff, Early Netherlandish Painting , pp. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with Open Library links Commons category link is on Wikidata. Venkataraman, S. Matt's relationship with Sylvia is even more confusing. The public charity alternative will also be considered and adopted by a great many donors, when they realize that a public charity does not have to make annual distributions or even have public support as long as it operates a school, church, medical research organizations, or hospital.

We love receiving new exhibits from around the world, so please share your fundraising stories with us. Why not help us reach more people by translating exhibits into your language? Carolina Herrera, project manager — Sue Kershaw, development director —.

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