Are Religious Parents Brainwashing Their Children?
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FLDS -- Does the polygamist sect represent brainwashing or religious discipline?

Cerith Gardiner. Not Prepared to Donate? Subscribe By signing, I acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Editor's choice. Toggle navigation. Sunday 10 November Saint Leo the Great. Marzena Devoud. Philip Kosloski. Michael Rennier Jun 25, Here are our reasons why we teach — not brainwash — our children religion: So they learn to make reasonable choices. Since you are here…. Become an Aleteia Patron Today. J-P Mauro. We are finding that even Christians can't agree about theology and biblical interpretation, so there are bound to be questions as the kids grow and learn to think about things for themselves.

The only rule we insist on is that when they have questions they not only ask us what we think but also spend some time figuring out what they think and are prepared to tell us. Don't get me wrong, I'm an atheist, but there is a difference between brainwashing and indoctrination. If you bring up a child who trusts you to believe in something, they will believe. But children are not as mentally helpless as we assume.

Young children believe what they are told.

Gina Miller. Leave others be. See a response below:. We send them to school, introduce them to sports, and involve them in our hobbies. He was all about helping people that weren't doing as well as you and that's about it. Recommended For You. But all of us can teach in some small way.

Children grow up into adults and always begin to question the world around them. The biggest change children go through is adolescence, at which point they might rebel against 'boring' rules because their hormones are running wild and the parents are trying to suppress their desires, or embrace their new found reasoning powers and decide they are the most intelligent beings on the planet and protest against things like nuclear power stations.

In the end all kids work out for themselves that Santa Claus is a myth and that their parents are still having sex! It's shocking, but we grow up to understand the reasoning behind our parents wishes to keep us away from the realities of life. The true sin of religion is to tell a child they are a sinner and teach them about Moses and King Herod.

There are many more serious reasons why the teaching of religion to children should be banned. As far as I am concerned, this is child abuse in itself! This can be said for any ideology that is passed from parent to child. Anything a parent does ultimately influences and biases the child in a particular way - the only way to escape "brainwashing" is to take a newborn, put them in the woods and allow them to form their own view of the world before returning to civilization.

Fundamentalist ideologies act like mental parasites.

Good luck with any kind of advancement that way. As previously stated, any ideology can be used to brainwash, this ranges from religion, to secularism, from capitalism to communism, as each has their own inherent bias.

'Hey Bill Nye, How Do I Escape Religion?' #TuesdaysWithBill

If a parent teaches their child a single ideology and neglects all others it is dangerous, however if a parent exposes their child to a multitude of these, regardless of whether the parent tries to force the child to think a certain way, ultimately they will think what they want, whether they show it or not. I do not believe that teaching children religion is brainwashing. Actually, I support and would argue that teaching children about the plethora of religions, faiths, sects, and cults that exist is a good thing. It prevents children from becoming bigoted, promotes open mindedness, and lets them make an informed decision, whether the decision is to be an atheist, pagan, Satanist, Christian, Muslim, etc.

Raising them with the goal of being religious is, there is a difference. If you are teaching children about religion, the different types and different practices in them, that is simply informing them about culture, educating them so that when they are old enough they will have enough information to capably choose a path on their own.

But if you are raising them in one particular religion, instilling your values into their head from a young age before they can really decide anything for themselves, then that is brainwashing.


But no I don't think teaching kids religion by itself is that, it's if you force your particular world view and belief system onto them that is. Why you think that teaching religion to our children is brainwashing. Is telling them where they come from or where their ethnicy come from is such a big deal. Havent your fathers tought you about your religion if u believe in one.

All religions connect each other at the end. There is no superior or inferior in religions.

I just wanted to inform the illegal people about this!!! There is a world of exploration out there, and theres no way to learn unless you are taught. If taught in the correct way, religion should be an option for an individual if they choose, and by exposing them to this form of faith, we are furthering their exploration of self. There is a world of difference between telling one what to believe and educating someone about the sphere of beliefs in our world.

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The teaching of religion should not be pejorative or cloud a students judgement. It is about teaching about the worlds religions impartially. Religious teaching takes account of each persons beliefs whether theistic, agnostic, or atheistic. Anyone can study religion from all faiths or none. After all when primative man asked the question: How did I come to be and how did my world get here and is there a God? He was doing theology and religious study began. It's a simple fact that any form of brainwash can not arise from one source alone, and religion sure isn't to blame.

The whole brainwashed mentality comes from lack of knowledge and the ignorance to not pursue or accept information. The unfortunate part of ignorance is that it can be instilled in children at a young age. Religion is in no way bad, it can give a family and society morals, unity and among all things, hope.

However unity in mass numbers mixed with ignorance is always just a recipe for disaster. Case in point, Westboro Baptist Church.

No one likes them, Christian or otherwise. Behind the front lines of every war in the world, prisoners are forced to sit for interrogation: manipulated, coerced, and sometimes tortured—often without ever being touched. Brainwash is a history of the methods intended to destroy and reconstruct the minds of captives, to extract information, convert dissidents, and lead peaceful men to kill and be killed.

With access to formerly classified documentation and interviews from the CIA, U. Vivid and disturbing, Brainwash is essential insight into the modern practice of interrogation and torture.

Highly Recommended! Nobody joins a cult.

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