Exit Laughing: How Humor Takes the Sting Out of Death (Io Poetry)

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That he our deadly forfeit should release,. And with his Father work us a perpetual peace. That glorious Form, that Light unsufferable,. And that far-beaming blaze of Majesty,. Wherwith he wont at Heav'ns high Councel-Table, He laid aside; and here with us to be,. Forsook the Courts of everlasting Day,.

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And chose with us a darksom House of mortal Clay. Say Heav'nly Muse, shall not thy sacred vein. Hast thou no vers, no hymn, or solemn strein,. Now while the Heav'n by the Suns team untrod,. Hath took no print of the approching light, And all the spangled host keep watch in squadrons bright? See how from far upon the Eastern rode. The Star-led Wisards haste with odours sweet,. O run, prevent them with thy humble ode,. Have thou the honour first, thy Lord to greet,. And joyn thy voice unto the Angel Quire,. While the Heav'n-born-childe, All meanly wrapt in the rude manger lies;.

With her great Master so to sympathize:. To wanton with the Sun her lusty Paramour. To hide her guilty front with innocent Snow,.


And on her naked shame, The Saintly Vail of Maiden white to throw,. Should look so near upon her foul deformities. She crown'd with Olive green, came softly sliding. With Turtle wing the amorous clouds dividing, She strikes a universall Peace through Sea and Land.

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Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available​. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Bookseller Inventory #. There's nothing funny about dying or is there? Malachy McCourt, Jacquelyn Mitchard, and 22 more share hilarious and moving stories of confronting death.

The idle spear and shield were high up hung;. The Trumpet spake not to the armed throng,. As if they surely knew their sovran Lord was by. His raign of peace upon the earth began:. Whispering new joyes to the milde Ocean,. While Birds of Calm sit brooding on the charmed wave. Stand fit in steadfast gaze, Bending one way their pretious influence,. Or Lucifer that often warned them thence;. But in their glimmering Orbs did glow,.

Until their Lord himself bespake, and bid them go.

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The Sun himself with-held his wonted speed,. And hid his head for shame, The new enlightened world no more should need;. Then his bright Throne, or burning Axletree could bear. Was kindly com to live with them below; Perhaps their loves, or els their sheep,. Was all that did their silly thoughts so busie keep.

As all their souls in blisfull rapture took:. With thousand echo's still prolongs each heav'nly close. And that her raign had here its last fulfilling;. Could hold all Heav'n and Earth in happier union. A globe of circular light, That with long beams the shame faced night arrayed.

ditrianala.tk Are seen in glittering ranks with wings displaid,. With unexpressive notes to Heav'ns new-born Heir. But when of old the sons of morning sung,. His constellations set, And the well-ballanc't world on hinges hung,. And bid the weltring waves their oozy channel keep. If ye have power to touch our senses so.

And let the Base of Heav'ns deep Organ blow, Make up full consort to th'Angelike symphony.

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Time will run back, and fetch the age of gold,. And leprous sin will melt from earthly mould,. And leave her dolorous mansions to the peering day. Th'enameld Arras of the Rain-bow wearing,. With radiant feet the tissued clouds down stearing,. Will open wide the gates of her high Palace Hall. This must not yet be so, Yet first to those ychain'd in sleep,. The Wakeful trump of doom must thunder through the deep,. While the red fire, and smouldring clouds out brake:. The aged Earth agast Shall from the surface to the center shake;. The dreadfull Judge in middle Air shall spread his throne.

But now begins; for from this happy day. Not half so far casts his usurped sway, Swindges the scaly Horrour of his foulded tail. Runs through the arched roof in words deceiving. With hollow shreik the steep of Delphos leaving. Inspire's the pale-ey'd Priest from the prophetic cell. A voice of weeping heard, and loud lament;. The parting Genius is with sighing sent,. The Nimphs in twilight shade of tangled thickets mourn.

And on the holy Hearth, The Lars, and Lemures moan with midnight plaint,. Affrights the Flamins at their service quaint;. While each peculiar power forgoes his wonted seat. With that twise-batter'd god of Palestine,. And mooned Ashtaroth, Now sits not girt with Tapers holy shine,. In vain the Tyrian Maids their wounded Thamuz mourn. In dismall dance about the furnace Blue; ERE-while of Musick, and Ethereal mirth,. Wherwith the stage of Ayr and Earth did ring,.

And joyous news of heav'nly Infants birth,. My muse with Angels did divide to sing;. In Wintry solstice like the shortn'd light. Soon swallow'd up in dark and long out-living night. For now to sorrow must I tune my song,. And set my Harpe to notes of saddest wo,. Which on our dearest Lord did sease er'e long,. Dangers, and snares, and wrongs, and worse then so, Most perfect Heroe, try'd in heaviest plight.

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Of labours huge and hard, too hard for human wight. He sov'ran Priest stooping his regall head. That dropt with odorous oil down his fair eyes,. His starry front low-rooft beneath the skies;.

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To an Ill-favored Lady Important Links. Self Portrait. The music, the painting, the poem are merely the instruments which he uses for that purpose. Let me in To expiate my sorrow and my sin. Well what does that mean?

O what a Mask was there, what a disguise! Yet more; the stroke of death he must abide, Then lies him meekly down fast by his Brethrens side. These latter scenes confine my roving vers,. His Godlike acts, and his temptations fierce,. And former sufferings other where are found;. Loud o're the rest Cremona's Trump doth sound;.