Acts of Defiance

Acts of Defiance
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That's basically it. The name is somewhat self-explanatory but the song says it really well. Also wanted to hit on "Conspiracy of the Gods," as well. The title of the album comes from a piece in that song.


Throughout history, individual acts of defiance have proved to be incredibly powerful. It takes courage to stand alone, but brave individuals. Act of Defiance is an American heavy metal supergroup from Los Angeles, California, formed in by guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover of.

Shawn wrote the music for that song and in my mind, if you want to get a straight up, just solid metal tune, you go to Shawn. He writes really cohesive songs that have a really good direction and sense of resolution. Henry, I think maybe he and Shawn collaborated on the lyrics for that particular song. But, the way it turned out with the harmonies and the chorus and the heavy singing, the mixture of those things, i thought was awesome.

For me it's just a testament to Shawn and how well he can write a killer metal tune. The artwork for this album is very striking. Travis Smith did the artwork for you and he's worked on some other great album covers. Did you give him any sort of direction in terms of what you were looking for for the cover? Travis is awesome. He's always been one of my favorite artists for metal CDs and just in general.

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The way he mixes the idea of realism with artistry and abstract usage of images or the way the colors in his artwork just is perfect. This time he usually works by getting some input with some of the song titles and concepts that we may have, and this time it was no different with Old Scars, New Wounds. For example, the cover was built off the idea of wanting to create a central figure but then adding other elements into the picture as well and the dark theme.

I think it really came together and I just think Travis did a great job. I can't wait to see what it's going to be like live. A lot of this stuff sounds like it'll translate real well. I know you guys are chomping at the bit to get out there.

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Are there songs off the album in particular that you really want to see how they're going to go over with your fans? I'm interested to look at a lot of them because of what we've talked about earlier with taking songs like "The Talisman" being a little bit of a reprieve from the insane tempos. I would love to see how that goes over live and then a song like "Molten Core," which is the opposite, which is very fast and very in your face.

It's very intense for the whole song. I want to see how the crowd reacts to that.

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One of the ones I'm most looking forward to seeing is "Rise of Rebellion" and seeing how people react to an anthemic song. Nothing that we can release at this time, but we are planning an early North American tour. After that we're looking at both South America, Europe, Europe for the summer festivals and then hopefully after those we'll be targeting the Pacific Rim as well. I think we're gonna wheel out our wheelchairs and kind of our walkers and then we'll going to beat people over the heads with them! Our live performance, I think we're going to put that together as we look at the different tours we're going to be playing on.

We've got some ideas for some added production, but its gonna be limited within the venues were touring at, the levels we're touring at and whether it's feasible or not.

But we always intend on obviously trying to do the music as much justice as possible, and then interacting with the crowd like maniacs. That's my goal anyways. Acts of Defiance ETO id: The Gamer's Armory stocks this product!

Patriotism is meaningless if it doesn’t embrace acts of defiance

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Act of Defiance "Overexposure" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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